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Firm registration with foreign investments in Moscow (Russia)

➡️ On the territory of the Russian Federation the foreign investor is granted the full and undoubted defence of the rights and interests, which is ensured by Federal Laws

Russian commercial organization (company limited – Co ltd, close corporation – CC, public corporation – PC) gets the commercial organization status with foreign investments from the affiliation the foreign investor as the member. From this day the commercial organization with the foreign investments and the foreign investor get the legal defence, guarantee and privileges prescribed by the Federal Law “About Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation”.

On the territory of the Russian Federation the foreign investor is granted the full and undoubted defence of the rights and interests, which is ensured by Federal Laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation and also by the international agreements of the Russian Federation.

The foreign investor has the right to compensation of damages, which were caused by the illegal actions of the state authority, local authority or authority officers. Firm registration (registration of the enterprise in Moscow) with the foreign investments happens in the following scheme:

  • Firm registration legal counseling. At this stage it is happened the watching of constituent documents, signature guarantee in the registration application of the corporate body. Our lawyers help to sort out the system of the taxation, the juridical address in Moscow with postal service, answer all the questions which are bound up with the registration of business in Moscow. It’s necessary to conclude a treaty for the registration of the enterprise and also translate the passport data of the founder – the foreign citizen – into Russian. If the founder is a foreign corporate body, it’s necessary to grant the notarized translation of the extraction from the list of the foreign company.
  • Discovery the documents to the tax inspectorate for the registration of the organization with foreign investments in Moscow. Only one of the founders of the registering firm has the right to discovery the documents to the tax inspectorate.
  • The firm registration takes 3 working days.
  • Opening the account in the bank in Moscow.

It’s possible to register the firm in Russia with foreign investments as Co ltd, CC, PC (russian language: “OOO”). The minimum size of charted capital in Co ltd or CC is 10 000 roubles. Firm in Russia can be organized by one or more person. It doesn’t need any permissions for foreign investors for the registration of the enterprise with the foreign investments in Russia. Founders of the juridical person are the partners of the company, not its workers. Only when the foreign partners of the company conclude a treaty with the company for a job it’s necessary to get permission to work in the Russian Federation.

The cost of the registration of the firm with foreign investors in Moscow in our company isn’t differ from the cost of the foundation of the enterprise without the foreign participation:

  • The cost of the juridical services for the official registration of the company is 3 000 roubles.
  • The payment of the state tax for the registration of the firm in Russia is 4 000 roubles.
  • Supplementary expenses when registrating of the company with foreign investors, may appear in case of need of the acquisition of the juridical address in Moscow, opening the account in the bank (according to the bank tariff).

Turn your attention to the fact, that a foreign citizen has the right to register himself as an individual entrepreneur in Moscow if he has a permission to live in Moscow or the residential permit in Russia. If he has a status of the temporarily living it’s impossible to register him as an individual entrepreneur . In that case it`s possible to open a firm and to direct business as a juridical person.

Our lawyers are ready to answer all your questions about the registration of a firm with foreign capital in Russia (Moscow). You can order the registration of business by telephone number (495) 507–49–56 or on-line. Our specialists will get in touch with you without fail.